moving image


On the 1st April 2011, I travelled the Central line from end to end and documented the journey, focusing particularly on the discarded newspapers displaying the stories of the day.
i wanted to make a film about the City of London and how it connects and reponds to the wider world through information and news coverage. The film highlights a number of dualisms: above/below, light/dark, present/past, here/there, local/international, complexity/fragility. Exploring the idea that in the intricacy of the city, all these things happen simultaneously, layered one on top of the other, whilst the city continues it's daily, cyclical rhythms.
After completing the visual edit I handed it over to composer David Watt. David's audio helps to create a dreamy, disconnected feel, creating a meditative, mysterious journey that doesn't ever quite seem to begin or to end.

David writes,

The techniques in the soundtrack for 'Central' borrow from the minimalist traditions, inspired by 'Different Trains' (Reich, 1988) which use iteration adapted through technological processes such as delay feedback, resampling and multi-layer processing. The soundtrack is a reflexive and responsive account that highlights the hegemonic role of London, broadcasting and responding to international events (Libya, Fukushima, Ivory Coast, Financial Crisis). The work highlights the daily iterations the of the Central Line which are fundamental to the needs of the capital, servicing the demands of the city and it's personnel ensuring that the metropolis retains its international status.

October 2012