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28TH MARCH 2013

It's always nice to get a mention!
Thanks to Soul Features and Sampleface.

Click the images below to see the brief write ups.


Also, if you haven't already, check out my new reel, that I've finally managed to get out to y'all. Watch it: here



So it's been a while...
Sorry about that, but to make up for it I've finally finished and uploaded a film I've been working on about the Central line, (see post below). Massive thanks to composer David Watt for the audio work on the film. You can watch it : here

I've been really busy trying to finish projects I've started over the last few years whilst also juggling an increasing work load. I've recently finished a short drama film; 'Foundations', which is the second part in a trilogy of shorts all set in the same South London subway. I'm going to post the film very soon, but in the meantime you can see the first part of the trilogy : here

We had a premiere of Foundations at the Brixton Ritzy, which was awesome as it's probably my second favourite cinema ever, (after the Streatham Odeon of course). Loads of people came along to see Foundations and one other locally made film; 'If Walls could Speak'. Thanks to all who made it along. And for those who didn't, see the bottom two images below for a tiny teaser!

Other than that I've been working on a music video with 'The Fullest', (see the top two images below), been to the Dominican Republic, shooting a documentary about a group of young people from South London travelling out there, and done some animation for Save the Children UK, with the Watering Can Media guys.

Hope to update a little more regularly over the next year...


15TH APRIL 2011

Working on a film about the central line at the moment. On April 1st I travelled back and forth from Epping to West Ruislip several times and am now editing the footage. Will keep updating about progress and any screenings. I've posted some photos from the film for the time being.





14TH APRIL 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Its been a busy few months! I'm planning lots of updates to the site very soon.

I'm currently showing a photograph as part of the 'Fragile City' exhibition in Streatham, London. See link for more info.


6TH JULY 2010

I'm showing my film 'Loops' as part of the Tenderflix experimental film festival. The launch event is on the 24th July at 5 - 8pm.
See the website for more info


9TH MARCH 2010

Below are some stills from a new film I've recently begun work on. The film is a personal look at the past decade made up of footage that I've shot throughout the last ten years.

I'm also continuing work on the second part of the proposed subway trilogy that began with 'The Quiet End of the Night'. I've been writing and hope to move into production soon!





I've been really busy recently and below are just few images from some of
the work I've been doing.

Clockwise from top left : A trailer for a stage production of 'Kes' touring the UK; An experimental 'fuzz' film, designed to destabilize your television;
Two stills from footage I shot on a recent trip to Romania where we were documenting the journey of a group of young people from South London.




6TH OCT 2009

I've begun work on a new short film. The film, provisionally called Foundations, is part two of the proposed subway trilogy that began with
The Quiet End of the Night. At the moment I'm working on the script and hope to shoot before the end of the year.

I'm also currently making a couple more mini-documentaries about residents on the Clapham Park estate. Working with the Clapham Park Film Unit, I was involved in three documentaries last year and am hoping to make two more this year.



Earlier in the year I made some animations and virtual studios for a series of documentaries the National Theatre was producing.


19TH MAY 2009

Have finally gotten around to uploading my new showreel. I hope you enjoy.


2ND APRIL 2009

Below are some images from a few projects I've been working on recently.
Am planning to upload my new showreel very soon.

My short, The Quiet End of the Night is also very close to being done...
Will post again soon with details.


1ST JAN 2009

Happy New Year!
New showreel and revamped website are on the horizon, hopefully

coming very soon.
Meanwhile, below are a couple stills from 'The Quiet End of the Night'
shoot. The shoot went really well and the film is currently in
post production.


2ND NOV 2008

We are gearing up to shoot The Quiet End of the Night in December.
Currently casting and in pre-production.

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9TH SEPT 2008

New short currently in pre-production.
'The quiet end of the night' is a short drama scheduled to be shot
sometime before the end of the year.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

8TH JULY 2008

Leave, the short film I directed earlier this year has just won the best
drama film award at the Furzedown film festival.
Big thanks to everyone who was involved with the project!
(Images from the film below)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

25TH APRIL 2008

I've recently been involved in a documentary being made by a group
of Brixton based filmmakers about the Clapham Park estate and some of
the older residents living on it. The film was commissioned by Lambeth
Archives and has been organised and produced by filmmaker
Charlotte Bill. I am directing one or two of the sections and the aim is to complete the film by the summer.